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Our Story

<strong>The Origin<br/> 'It ain't about the money'</strong>

The Origin
'It ain't about the money'

Some people start companies in their garage. For Ken Williams, it was the kitchen table. He had finished college,  married, and was no stranger to hard work. Throughout all this, he increasingly found himself drawn to helping people. 

In 1978, Ken opened his doors as Williams Financial Advisors after achieving certification as the 508th Certified Financial PlannerTM (there are now over 80,000).

Clients would sit down for coffee in his home, and Ken would find himself ministering to them, helping people untangle the confusing world of finances.

At Williams Financial Advisors it has never been, and it still ain't about the money. It's about the people.

<strong>The Business<br/>Wisdom and Experience</strong>

The Business
Wisdom and Experience

As Ken's family began to grow, so did his business. He quickly gained a reputation as an honest dealer with a comprehensive knowledge of financial planning. 

Over the years, Ken has weathered numerous financial storms. From  the stock crash of 1987 to the growth of the 90's, the anxiety leading up to Y2K, and the corporate malfeasance of the early 2000s, he has consistently steered his clients towards stability.

With years of experience, Ken's knowledge blossomed into wisdom in weathering societal change and uncertainty.

Today, Williams Financial Advisors is a full-service wealth management firm, serving hundreds of clients and managing over half a billion dollars.

<strong>The Legacy<br/>'The more I give, the more I receive'</strong><br/>

The Legacy
'The more I give, the more I receive'

Ken's passion for people is a direct extension of how he has cared for his family throughout his lifetime. Ken has eight children, of which six were adopted. The family today has over 17 grandchildren.

When he's not with family, Ken still works in the office about 25 hours a week, fitting in tennis occasionally.

Why not retire? He's having way too much fun!

Ken Williams has taken years to build a legacy of trust and unwavering commitment. His story is a testament to the values that define us at Williams Financial Advisors – integrity, knowledge, and genuine care for clients.

When you choose Williams Financial Advisors, you're choosing a team rooted in a legacy of service and excellence. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of financial planning, and let our family be an essential part of yours.